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Simplify your route to success, whether it be Job Searching, Career Development or Employer Solutions.

Why We Do What We Do

Navigator Career Solutions exist to provide career development, job search strategies, and career transition services. NCS customizes career guidance programs that enable professionals to transition quickly and seamlessly. Our clients include high school graduates, college graduates, entry-level professionals, mid-career professionals, and those who are transitioning out of the workforce. Likewise, NCS supports employers with locating the right talent and providing professional development for the existing employees.

Research shows that people who are not trained in employment strategies face challenges during the job search process.  This can include, assessing skills, marketing relevant experience, transitioning into a new industry, or planning life after retirement. Allow our trusted Career Advisor to take the guesswork out of your job search and career development needs by creating a customized guidance plan that is right for you.



Heather G.

Blogger - Heather Taylor Media

Martha is an upbeat and encouraging coach who does a great job seeing the big picture without forgetting how to help you with the smaller steps required to get there. Her organizational skills are essential in helping clients not only figure out what they want to do, but how to find the job to do it! Highly recommend!

Cheryl S.


I'm so grateful for Martha and the work that she put in for me to find my career path!! When I first got out of college in 2017, I had no idea what I wanted to do. After trying out several jobs (and not finding anything that was a good fit), I went to her for advice and help building my resume. She was very patient with me and encouraged me to list out careers that I'd be open to considering. One day, I told her that I was considering going back to school to become an elementary teacher. She recommended I take the time to shadow and make sure it was something I wanted to commit to. Within a couple days, Martha connected me with Principal, and helped me set up several shadowing opportunities.


Stephen H.

Although I believed my resume to be okay already, Martha helped me to not only polish it, but expand on my skill sets as well as incorporate my other interest and benefits for prospective companies. The quality and pay rate of the jobs that started to call back changed, and I ended up landing a job paying more than my previous one, flexible hours, weekly pay, and the freedom to utilize my personal and professional skills.

Job Seeker

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